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I Sing Words: The Poetry Project is a biennial series designed to further the realm of vocal repertoire by commissioning new works, continuing the tradition of art song, and providing accessible new music to future performers and audiences.

"I Sing Words: The Poetry Project" came to fruition in 2015, and in its past two seasons, I have premiered the works of eight composers with the collaboration of eight current poets. Since those premiere concerts, the music has been performed by over ten other singers than myself. 


For "I Sing Words: The Poetry Project’s" future, I hope to continue the dissemination of new music performed on these concerts, with the pieces being published and shared with other musicians. It is the intention that these works be represented by not just one premiere concert, but that the project serves as a catalyst for many performances to come. This not only provides new music for singers, but contributes to the financial well-being of today's new music composers and poets.


A larger dedication to fundraising is now essential for the continued success of "I Sing Words: The Poetry Project." This is the next step in creating sustainability for this project, in order to ensure that all artists, composers, and poets involved may be appropriately compensated for their contributions to their performances.

I am a sponsored artist with Performance Zone Inc (dba The Field), a not-for-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization serving the performing arts community. Contributions to The Field earmarked for 'Jill Morgan Brenner' go directly to this project and are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. 


I Sing Words Season 2.png

Nature and Humanity

Pianist: Paul Dab

Nature Songs - Composer: Julie Barwick & Poetry: Janet Lewis                                              

I. Early Morning

II. The Cedar Waxwings

III. California Anna

IV.  River

Strands from ‘Fossil Sky’ - Composer: Mario Godoy & Poetry: David Hinton

I.  A Thin Scree of Light

II. It’s Everywhere  

Oh: An Introduction  - Composer: Emily Shisko & Poetry: Cole Swensen                               

I. Thinking of John Glenn - Composer: Nicolas Lell Benavides & Poetry: David Thomas Lloyd                

II. The Artist                                      

Concert Poster.jpg

I Sing Words: Alone/Not Alone (for solo soprano and electronics)

Electronics: Emma Logan

From the Grammar of Dreams - Composer: Kaija Saarihao & Text: Sylvia Plath               





Note – Passing – Note - Composer: Mary Jane Leach                                                                                   

Bayu – bayu - Composer: Nina C. Young                                                                                                   

The Understanding of All Things - Composer: Kate Soper & Text: Franz Kafka                                                          

Who do you think you are? - Composer: Cecilie Ore & Text by Cecilie Ore & Bibbi Moslet


What is the dream of the flesh? - Composer: Dorothy Allison      


Poetry Project-3.png

An Evening of Contemporary Art Song

Pianist: Anne Rainwater

FRAMES - Composer: Joseph M. Colombo | Poetry: Julia Lans Nowak

​I.​ Counterpoise

II. Con Trail

III. Ranges

IV. Counterpoise II

V. Surgeons Gardens

VI. Athena

VII. Vermilion Border


Even Though I Don’t Miss You - Composer: Emma Logan | Poetry: Chelsea Martin      

I. I am the strong

II. I said, you said

III. Is it overbearing?

IV. The Loosest Grasp

V.​ Past, Present, Future


Spring Poem - Composer: Danny Clay & Poetry by Heather Christle                                                  

Five Poems by Matthew Zapruder - Composer: Kyle Hovatter | Poetry: Matthew Zapruder                                        

No. 1   When It’s Sunny They Push a Button                 

No. 2   Poem for Japan

No. 3   Dobby’s Sweatshirt

No. 4   Screaming Skull

No. 5   Before the Poem

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