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Want to explore your musical potential? Taking lessons is the perfect opportunity! Every musician has their own unique voice and I consider it my job to nurture and cultivate it. I have extensive experience in voice, violin and piano. I promote safe and effective techniques for artistic growth, while exploring this together in an enjoyable and fun way.
I am open to all styles of music regarding repertoire, but as a professional opera singer, I like to ground the student on the basis of classical technique. Lessons will be taught in my studio at Exploring Music, San Francisco CA or at my home in Rohnert Park, CA.

If you have questions regarding lessons,

or are interested in enrolling,

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Jill is one of the nicest people I've ever met and a great teacher who cares deeply about every student, and brings out their very best. We LOVE you!

~ Lola K. (voice student, 13 yrs)


I was afraid my daughter would get bored or shy and not come out fully. But Jill really listens to her and makes it possible for her to sing the songs she loves. Jill helps my daughter make it happen with her voice!

~Ruthie K. (parent)


Our daughter loved working with Jill weekly. They developed a positive rapport. Jill helped walk our daughter through preparing a daily violin practice and enjoying the prep for a recital. Chloe loves Jill's positive and enthusiastic demeanor and her professionalism in teaching music. Playing the violin in front of and with others has opened a new music world to my daughter.

~Alison F. (parent)


My daughter loves working with Jill. She loves what she does and it's infectious. She has a special connection with her students and makes their time together a true joy.  My daughter loves working in Jill's home.  She thinks it's "magical"!

~ Annie S. (parent)


Jill is very amicable and very patient with her children. This made her an excellent choice for my daughter. This is the first time I've looked for a music instructor. I think I lucked out by finding her. Because we live in South San Francisco, my plan was just to have my daughter get 6 lessons from her and then transfer to an instructor closer to home. Jill was such a great fit for my daughter that we have been taking the drive to San Francisco to see Jill for the last 9 months and counting!

~ Mirna P. (parent)


She is very understanding when I'm having a hard time. When my mom wants to reschedule, Jill is always flexible and works it out. And overall, she is a really nice person.When I started doing the classes, I realized that Jill is not only very understanding, she is also very supportive and encouraging. She even prepared me for how to handle the potential of disappointment from an audition. Our family is grateful to have found you!

~ Ruth K. (voice student, 9 yrs)


My daughter sings as an alto in school and feared Jill would not know how to teach her to sing as her voice was changing. This was not the case! Jill helped my daughter discover that she is capable of singing higher and in a healthy way. Now she’s a soprano! Jill relates extremely well with children and teens. She knows how to keep them interested by selecting fun songs. Jill is very talented. She can play piano and has an amazing singing voice.
~Patty T. (parent)
My daughter was turned off piano by an overly strict teacher. Jill made music joyful again. In fact, my daughter was having so much fun that I was concerned she wasn't going to learn to read music. She has learned to read music and has enjoyed every minute spent with Jill! As a parent, I would add that Jill is very nurturing and positive. She inspires confidence, a good work ethic, and a delight in music in Maisie.
~ Courtney S. (parent)
I like when I play my part and Jill plays her part. She helps me understand the notes. She helps by singing with me too! Jill is nice and encourages me to challenge myself.
~ Maisie S. (voice & piano student, 12 yrs)
When I restarted violin, I was hard on myself when playing and practicing. While working with Jill, I’ve been able to re-approach the violin with innate curiosity and joy. This has allowed me to progress by focusing on the pleasure of playing rather than in fear or stress. Jill has been a miracle for me in this capacity. Through my experience, I hope other people will continue to play and/or restart their musical experience. It’s important and possible!
~ Caroline S. (violin student, adult)


"Jill is so great! She matches her approach to what I need. She has focused on giving me a strong foundation so I can learn more in the long run. Furthermore, our lessons are super fun! Would definitely recommend her to anyone!"

~ Katie G. (voice & piano student, adult)


"I was Jill's voice student for two years while she and I were pursuing a master's degree in voice and composition, respectively. Being a casual singer at best, I was amazed at how Jill helped me to find a voice I never thought I could possibly have. She not only explored (and found!) ways to make my voice/lungs do things I never knew they were capable of, but she inspired and encouraged me every step of the way. She's a conscientious and caring teacher, and was always looking to find better ways to help me discover my voice. It was a truly great experience!"

~ Danny C. (voice student, adult)


"On time. Enthusiastic. Knows her stuff. My 11 and 13 year old kids loved her. We've signed up for more lessons!"

~ Peter D. (parent)

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